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What is a fruit tree? A fruit tree is a tree that bears fruit, particularly fruits for human consumption. This distinction is made because most trees actually do bear fruit, except for ferns and gymnosperms. What are the forms of fruit trees? Fruit trees can be classified as bush trees, cordons, espalers, fans, and step-over espaliers. What is pomology? Pomology is the scientific study and the cultivation of fruits. It is the job of pomologists to classify fruits based on their anatomy and morphology. What are the types of fruits? Fruits can be categorized by the number of pistils from which the fruit resulted from. Simple fruits result from the ripening of an ovary with only one pistil. An aggregate fruit develops from a flower with numerous simple pistils. A multiple fruit is formed from a cluster of flowers.

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Posted 2011-05-31 10:58:36
Namdocmai, Golden Queen (Jin-Huang) and R2E2 Mango fruit comparison

Posted 2011-05-11 16:12:02

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